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At Compassionate Medium, we're dedicated to ensuring you and your loved ones receive the best in terms of loving communication through Spirit. 

Jake Samoyedny has trained with some of the best mediums alive today in North America and when he attended The Arthur Findlay College for Psychical studies in Stansted, England. Jake is a member and a demonstrating medium at the Journey Within Church in Pompton Lakes, NJ. He is also a member of the Spiritualist National Union International and a member of the Lily Dale Assembly. Jake is a registered medium at Lily Dale, America’s oldest Spiritualist community. Jake lives a spiritual life and has devoted himself to serving Spirit through evidential mediumship, bringing comfort to those in need and to those searching for proof that our lives are everlasting through Spirit.


Evidential Psychic Medium

"I believe that everyone on the other side deserves at least one call home."  -Brian Robertson OSNU

"The medium other mediums call for a reading"


Registered Lily Dale Medium