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Nothing Special About Me, But There Is Something Special I Can Do

Nothing Special About Me, But There Is Something Special I Can Do

“Nothing Special About Me, But There Is Something Special I Can Do”

Jake Samoyedny is the Compassionate MediumI have said that line thousands of times before I am to do a mediumship reading for someone who has requested my services.

I am a registered Lily Dale Medium and I am very proud to wear that mantle. I worked hard to reach that title living a life of service to others. Unlike some of the far more famous television mediums, we working mediums do not get rich in a monetary way but I am richer in so many other ways. I am the happiest I have ever been in my entire fifty-nine years. Living a life in service to those going through some of the most difficult times of their lives is rewarding and satisfying on so many levels. I feel blessed and humbled at the same time.

I am honored by the opportunities that working with our loved ones who are no longer able to communicate without the assistance of someone like myself have been providing to me. I am sitting here writing an article for you to read aware that one week ago I had no idea that this opportunity would be asked of me. I am open to all things. I live my life in a state of love and concern for others and this way of living has opened up so many unique and interesting choices for me.


I would like to start our new found relationship by suggesting to you that the only reason I believe people don’t choose the services of a medium is that they don’t actually know of one. Well, now you do! I welcome your questions and thoughts on mediums and honestly, anything related to life in this world and in the next. I can honestly say that the number one question that people ask me is “can my loved ones give me the winning lottery numbers?” If there were any chance the lottery numbers could be given, every credible medium in the world would be incredibly wealthy. By the way, if you actually BUY a lottery ticket you increase your chances.


questionThe questions most asked by someone in the difficult stages of grief are “Is my mom alright?” “Does my dad know what’s going on in the family since he died?” “Who is taking care of my child on the other side?” and so many other heart-wrenching questions that make my heart full. I can promise you a few things in this life to be true, no one ever dies alone, no one is alone after they die and yes people who love you are with those that you love who have left this human life.

My purpose as a credible medium is to show not only continuity of life but also that the bonds of love are what matter both here in the living world and also in the Spirit world. Those that you love and lose through the transition we call death are not dead, they are alive but in a different way than what we would like.

We struggle with having anything taken away from us, even more so when it is someone we love so deeply. There are only two truths that I have found so far in my life to be absolute, life is not fair and also, nothing stays bad forever. They are very simple but hard to accept. I know of no one that has led a fully fair life, not endured some painful experiences or been fine with the injustices of humanity.

Life is not meant to be fair, that is an illusion created by us.

Even the worst of humanities horrific acts have ended at some point, never to be forgotten but also not meant to steal hope away from all of us. I understand that I am only scratching the surface of a much deeper debate but the limitations of a few hundred words on a page will allow only so much on my end. However, on your end please have these conversations with those who matter to you. Thoughts are meant to be provocative and seek better answers. I am just someone planting the seed. You are the gardener of your own thoughts.

Much love to you and please choose kindness over being right!


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