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Comfort Food For The Soul, Or Is There An App For Heaven

Comfort food for the Soul, or is There an App For Heaven

Comfort food for the Soul, or is There an App For Heaven

tree huggerIn an attempt to be funny I have paired the two polar opposites of the “Contemporary Spiritual Seeker”.

On one hand, we have the granola chewing tree huggers who see the good in all of us from their solar-paneled mini houses deep in the woods of Vermont or any other eco-friendly state that has been since bought up by the leftover hippies of generations past who ended up investing their inherited wealth well.

They are keeping their piece of the Earth green while driving their hybrids to their Pilates classes after leaving their crystals out in the full moon to reenergize. There is a level of goodness in these people that is totally wonderful, at the same time there is a level of the ridiculous in them as well.

I feel for the contemporary version of these folks as they are like lost sheep looking for a way home but have no shepherd to guide them. They try on various religions like clothing in upscale boutiques but never seem to get the right fit on their Botox-infused bodies. They worship television celebrities who are famous merely for being famous, never having actually created anything that people of common sense might be interested in.

These lovely folks speak volumes of vagueness to the issues at hand, never maintaining an opinion that has any merits to reality.


dont make shishi angryThere is a belief amongst them that all good deed doers go to heaven so they give to the charities that their accountants suggest are the best write-offs on their taxes. They will hand down their old clothes to organizations that will give them a nice tax deduction as well.

They may even choose to slip a few dollars to the homeless person they pass on their way to the salon to have their mani-pedi, of course they wouldn’t even think of having a conversation with that homeless person as it would make them late to pick up their anxiety-ridden pooch from the doggie therapist who tells them that Shishi is angry with them because they close the door to the steam shower and Shishi feels unloved at that moment.

These loving generous people have good hearts, they are just a little out of alignment with reality. Their belief system born of self-indulgence and limited character is one that believes reality is a television show and therefore can easily dismiss or one can choose to binge watch.


super childIf you ask them how their children are doing be prepared for a lengthy explanation of how their above average wunderkind are opting out of testing because they may be maladjusted from all of the vaccines that they missed out on as their homeopathic doctor would rather they ingest herbal teas infused with local honey and eastern herbs.

Their children are spoiled to a degree that they believe they actually are better than others. Their third world nannies take them to playdates at the homes of other children just as obnoxious while they sort of play the nannies conspire to sleep with each other’s employers in hopes of getting pregnant and having a steady check for the next twenty-one years.

Those who are not quite ready for their starter marriage or far too busy on their career track to actually care about anything other than themselves are even less invested in their eternity. They live in a world of sound bites and emoticons. They text each other even while at the same table for a meal of sushi and green health shakes laden with kale and spinach.

They watch endless hours of Japanese cartoons while uploading photos to FaceBook of their egg whites only omelets and artisan sourdough olive infused toast. They drink bottomless travel mugs of coffees with names like Kona Special Blend and High Forest Latte with salty caramel lace drizzled across the tops that then are swirled into happy faces by barista’s that have dual master’s degrees in sociology and political science.


Thank you for letting me rant away in an attempt to point out how wildly ridiculous we humans can be at times. Yes, there is some truth and validity to what you have just read, but it was done in parody to not only show how funny we can be at times but also to make a statement that we need to take a closer look at who we are as a human race.

While that young millennium is standing and complaining online about how long the barista is taking this morning creating those awful tasting concoctions, there are people walking miles to carry enough water to keep their family alive for another day. While they are non-chatting over sushi there are people starving as their countries are in a long time drought and there are no crops.

There are people struggling to find their next meal or shelter. We need to again be reminded that when things are good, in the light, we should be storing up our energy and power for when things are not so good, in the dark.

I truly believe that there is a total balance to be achieved in nature. For every starving child, there is a child wasting food, for every struggling parent, there are parents indulging themselves. I’m not looking to make anyone feel guilty about anything, I am hopefully creating an atmosphere for thought and more importantly, an idea for change born in your own mind.


What can I do on a personal level to make life better for someone else? Whether it be the family who has just lost everything to a fire or to give to an organization that would try to end childhood poverty, there is always something to be done and the resources are there at any given time. If you have ever given any thought to Karma or past lives, I promise you that we are all parts of the same thing.

We are all connected! Truly there is no separation of peoples. We are they and they are us. It’s not a sound bite but it’s actually the greatest reality show of all time!


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