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Unconditional Love In The State Of Grace

Unconditional Love in the State of Grace

Unconditional Love in the State of Grace

People who come to see a medium after they have lost their loved ones often have similar questions based on commonalities of their relationship to the person in spirit.

Spouses will come and ask me if they will be with their partner for eternity when they pass over to the other side. I truly don’t know the answer to that question. The romantic part of my personality would hope for reuniting for eternity with that special love, however, I have seen so many different types of scenarios when I connect to the spirit world that I cannot say definitively that that is the case.

What I can say definitively is that when a departed spouse comes through in a reading for their loved one still here in the physical world that they often hope that their loved one will find a new love. Remember back to when you were first in love and you were in that euphoric state where you could not breathe and you could not eat because you were just so over the moon in love at the moment. Now, if you have children, remember when your first child was born.

Perhaps that was like no other love you had ever felt before and it felt ten thousand times stronger than any other love you had ever experienced. Now, just try to imagine taking that state of love and multiplying again by another ten thousand times. That is the state of love that I believe our departed loved ones live in perpetually. State of love is what I refer to as the state of grace that we experience after we have passed away to the spirit side of life. When I approach a reading for a sitter I always come from a place of love and that is partly why Spirit is able to provide me with a wonderful connection for my sitters.

My thoughts are that the more we are feeling loved, the closer we can be to our loved ones in spirit. Love is the bond we are connected by even after the transition we call death, and love is the state of grace our loved ones are in now.


I have never had a spirit show any signs of jealousy or possessiveness. Those are Earthbound human qualities that do not seem to travel with us when we go home to spirit. I have on occasions had sitters ask me if I see their spouses with anybody else on the other side, usually meaning ex-husbands or old boyfriends. I have never answered that type of question as I think it crosses ethical boundaries that I do not want to venture into. I am not your spy into the spirit world or your personal private detective looking to see if your loved ones are now involved with someone else.

You need to work those issues out some other way, it is not in my job description and I really am uncomfortable being put into that position. I am in the business of bringing through information that will show you that your loved ones are still continuing in their spiritual life.


I have seen couples together that come through for their children after both have passed but that does not mean they are necessarily traveling through eternity together. They may have just come together for the reading for all I know. Most of the times that I have connected to a child or a baby that has passed; there is always someone else with them, like a grandmother or great aunt or sometimes a grandfather. I have never seen children by themselves. That does not necessarily mean that the spirit that was that child is with that loved one forever, they may just be together for the reading to allay any concerns a sitter may have about a child being alone over there.

Once, when doing a reading for a young mom who had traveled a great distance for a reading with me, the first visual I received was quite different and simply glorious to see. I was born into a Catholic family, so much of my early life was spent going to church and Sunday school where I learned the basics of that religion, so, many times I will receive visuals from spirit and signs that are connected to my early religious upbringing.

When I connected to spirit for this young mom I saw the Holy Mother carrying a very tiny infant girl who I could tell was severely physically challenged and was not where she should have been developmentally. I then felt this wonderful wave of love pass through my body and I then saw the Holy Mother turn and walk away with this very sick little baby.

I looked at this young mom sitting across from me and told her the vision I had just been witness to and she confirmed that she did indeed lose a newborn that was very severely challenged. I then told her that I was seeing the number 28 flashing in my mind, but she did not understand what the significance of 28 was. I also told her that I was then seeing the front cover of the novel “To Kill a Mockingbird.”

She looked at me blankly and said she didn’t understand what that meant. She said she liked the book when she was thirteen, but other than that she had no idea. I saw the cover of the book again and I saw the author’s name, Harper Lee. I mentioned that to her and she said, “My baby’s name is Harper.” I’m always amazed at the lengths spirit will go to bring information that is meaningful to the sitter.

About a week later, I received an email from this young mom thanking me for the reading and the comfort that she felt after we had met. She then went on to inform me that she now remembered why the number 28 was so significant. It was her baby’s birthday. Her daughter Harper was born on April 28th and even more interesting was that she looked up Harper Lee and found that she was also born on April 28th. In the midst of the reading, this poor mom had forgotten her own daughter’s birthday. Some mediums refer to this as sitter’s amnesia. It can happen to any of us who are not used to touching that spiritual energy.

This is why I believe it is so important to record all private readings. The sitter is not always going to understand or fully comprehend everything the medium is saying to them at that moment and it is great to be able to listen to it over and over again. I sympathize with all sitters as I have not always been a great sitter myself, so I know how things can go astray in the moment of the reading.


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