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1-914-227-5398    |    A Registered Lily Dale Medium

As stated in the testimonials, Jake truly is insightful and compassionate with his readings! Having a reading with Jake is truly a wonderful and healing experience! Jake has made himself available through three unique ways: In-Person, on Phone or SKYPE, Group sessions.



You can pay with cash at the time of your reading, or you can prepay here on the website with a credit card or PayPal.

Please contact Jake by phone, text or email to schedule your reading.

Click on the Debit or Credit Button

*CD Recordings are NOT guaranteed. You may bring your own recording device if you desire.

You can purchase a Phone, Skype, or In Person reading to give someone by clicking HERE.

Preparing for a Reading

The most important thing you can do to prepare for a reading is to show up with an open mind and an open heart!

Your loved ones want to connect with you as much if not more than you do to them. I believe that everyone on the other side deserves at least one call home, so understand that you have placed a call through me the telephone and they are answering your call.

They have chosen me as their resource to connect with you long before you ever called to make an appointment with me.

All mediumship is energy based. I am ready and my energy is in the right place for your reading, Spirit is ready as they usually start to let me know they are around even before we sit together. Remember to stay positive and upbeat.

It’s also necessary to remember that sometimes at your reading you will receive friends and family who have passed who you may not be expecting; they may even come in first! Be open to ALL possibilities.

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