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Welcome to Jake Samoyedny’s book page. Below you will see the many books that Jake
has written and can purchase for yourself!

MEDIUMSHIP 101: Tools to Develop Your Mediumship

Mediumship 101

Mediumship 101 was written with the intention to give mediumship students of all levels a roadmap to understand how to communicate with those in the Spirit side of life. There is no one version of mediumship that fits all students or all practicing mediums. Those who have an open mind will find many new techniques that may enhance their mediumship abilities all the more.

The Compassionate Medium: The Most Important Book On Mediums and Mediumship

The Compassionate Medium

Jake Samoyedny is more than just one of the most sought after evidential mediums alive today. He is “The Compassionate Medium”. This compelling and captivating book walks us through the process of connecting the two worlds in a way that has never been done before. A masterful story teller, Jake shares with us some of his remarkable mediumship readings that have proven to be life changing for those who have sat across from him

Standing In The Halls of Hypocrisy

Standing In The Halls of Hypocricy

All of the difficulties of our lives are based in wants and desires. When those become undone, which they mostly do, adventures are created that are unexpected and challenging. This is where we find out who we are at our core, and not at that surface level where life tries to lure us into submission. The underdogs in this world will always seem more attractive. When you see beauty in all things, the limitations of our souls become invisible.

All sessions are for adults eighteen years of age and older. All information is offered for personal and entertainment purposes and is not intended at any time to replace the advice, counsel, or recommendations of any medical, psychological, legal, or financial expert or any other professional service. Mediumship and Psychic work are experimental in nature, and the information imparted during a session is open to interpretation. Clients are advised that they have free will at all times to make their own choices, and Jake Samoyedny shall not be held responsible for the actions they may or may not take as a result of their session. By participating in this session, you fully agree to all stated in this disclaimer.

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