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A Step I Needed

I want to thank you for sharing your special gift with my friends and myself.

Visiting a medium to try and connect with my mom has been on my mind since her passing and I was at a point where I felt that would be the only way I could feel some sense of closure or the beginning of finding such closure. After meeting with you, I know this was a step I needed in my grieving process.

In a way, you have helped lift a weight off my shoulder by connecting me with my mother that night. You have also given me hope to move on knowing she is with me as well as giving me signs and guidance for my life without the physical being of her. I can never thank you enough for what you have provided me with. I will forever remember the emotional roller coaster I am on and have been since her passing and this huge step that has impacted my feelings. So, once again, I thank you.”

– Krystal –

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