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Compassion for a Group

I had the pleasure of meeting Jake for readings on two occasions.

On the first meeting, I hosted a group of 5 friends who all reported that he had an exceptional gift of insight and accuracy relating to their loved ones. He was able to bring comfort to a friend who lost a brother, giving detailed information that no one else could have known. His compassionate, loving aura comforted her and was a great help in settling those who were anxious with this whole process. He goes to great length to educate the participants about his history and how spirit connects.

Personally, he gave me a message from my mother, in her native language! It seemed impossible to me, but as he explained, he acts as a vessel and messages come through him.

There is no doubt that Jake has a gift, one that he shares with gentle compassion. His take-home message is clear, though. We are surrounded by our loved ones, we have nothing to fear and death is not an end.

– JoAnn –

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