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Stuck Writing My Story

I really appreciate the effort you made on my behalf. What a gift you have! Of course, after listening to the CD, most of the names you mentioned made perfect sense. I was so focused on hearing from my father that when you connected with two close friends that died tragically, I just wasn’t prepared for that.

I made the decision to come to Lily Dale and meet with you because I was stuck. I was writing my story but I couldn’t find any information on my father who disappeared in 1958. I didn’t know how but I was hoping that I would come home from Lily Dale with something that would motivate me to continue writing. 

I hadn’t told you that I was writing a book but during our session, you said “You have some story. Have you considered writing it.”  That was cool! That’s motivation. You also had some great ideas on how to proceed. One being, just writes what I feel happened to my Dad. I’m doing that and it’s working out better than I hoped. I feel like I’m getting to know him.

It was great meeting you.

Keep well, Jake. 

– Sid –

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