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1-914-227-5398    |    A Registered Lily Dale Medium

Truly More at Peace

Jake is the real thing. He is instantly likable and sets you at ease quickly creating an immediate feeling of trust.

My session with Jake was a ‘happy accident’. I happened to stop at a friend’s house while she was hosting sessions with Jake. “Spirit knew better” is how Jake recognized it. And he was right! I was meant to be there and I am so glad I was – for so many reasons. My time with Jake provided me with clarity, strength, confidence, and optimism.

Jake’s accuracy, perception, and advice are remarkable. He has an incredible genuine gift to communicate with Spirit.

I am truly more at peace since Jake came to me at a time when I needed someone like him. For anyone feeling the burden of grief, the weight of guilt or even just hitting a rough patch, I would instantly recommend a session with Jake.

– Carmella –

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