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Real and Accurate!

I recently had a reading with Jake. This was the first medium I have ever gone to and while I wasn't a skeptic, I certainly wasn't expecting how specific and detailed the reading would be.

The amount of personal unknowable details that Jake communicated left me speechless and a little blown away. My brother was murdered over a decade ago and Jake was able to speak about how my brother was killed, the issues that were there, and my brother's unique and sweet sense of humor - it all came through like my brother was in the room. Jake's ability is real and his messages are accurate and meaningful. And he's not just a gifted medium, he's a caring and thoughtful person.

I recommend him highly.

- Ana -

Things Only My Dad Would Know!

Jake was referred to me by a friend of my mom's who said he was the best...and she was right! He has a unique gift and a genuine compassion for people. Jake has helped us deal with the loss of my father like no way I could have ever imagined.

During our sessions, he mentioned things only my dad would have known so I know for a fact what he does is for real. I have already passed along his name to many of my friends in hopes that they find the same comfort as I did in meeting with him.

- Dawn -

A Step I Needed

I want to thank you for sharing your special gift with my friends and myself.

Visiting a medium to try and connect with my mom has been on my mind since her passing and I was at a point where I felt that would be the only way I could feel some sense of closure or the beginning of finding such closure. After meeting with you, I know this was a step I needed in my grieving process.

In a way, you have helped lift a weight off my shoulder by connecting me with my mother that night. You have also given me hope to move on knowing she is with me as well as giving me signs and guidance for my life without the physical being of her. I can never thank you enough for what you have provided me with. I will forever remember the emotional roller coaster I am on and have been since her passing and this huge step that has impacted my feelings. So, once again, I thank you."

- Krystal -

Simply Incredible!

My reading with Jake was truly a gift I will treasure forever. Words cannot express the happiness my heartfelt when he connected me with my first love after so many years had passed since his departure. I am in absolute awe of the specific details that came through during my session.

Knowing he is still with me in spirit has given me an overwhelming feeling of strength and comfort. Thank you for an inspiring and wonderful experience. God Bless.

For stony limits cannot hold love out,
And what love can do, that dares love attempt...William Shakespeare

- Natalie -

Truly More at Peace

Jake is the real thing. He is instantly likable and sets you at ease quickly creating an immediate feeling of trust.

My session with Jake was a 'happy accident'. I happened to stop at a friend's house while she was hosting sessions with Jake. "Spirit knew better" is how Jake recognized it. And he was right! I was meant to be there and I am so glad I was - for so many reasons. My time with Jake provided me with clarity, strength, confidence, and optimism.

Jake's accuracy, perception, and advice are remarkable. He has an incredible genuine gift to communicate with Spirit.

I am truly more at peace since Jake came to me at a time when I needed someone like him. For anyone feeling the burden of grief, the weight of guilt or even just hitting a rough patch, I would instantly recommend a session with Jake.

- Carmella -


Jake truly has been given a gift from a greater power. As soon as you meet him, you will feel at ease. His message is very clear as we are surrounded by our loved ones. There should be no fear, all love! Jake was able to state exact names, details, and personalities of loved ones. After reviewing the CD the next day and talking to other family members, it just confirmed that Jake was the “real” deal. I am in true amazement of this man and the accuracy of his reading.

- Kerri -

Share Your Testimony!

Jake would love to hear your experiences, as will the many others who have had similar experiences and those looking for connecting with their loved ones. So please share yours today!

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