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Compassion for a Group

I had the pleasure of meeting Jake for readings on two occasions.

On the first meeting, I hosted a group of 5 friends who all reported that he had an exceptional gift of insight and accuracy relating to their loved ones. He was able to bring comfort to a friend who lost a brother, giving detailed information that no one else could have known. His compassionate, loving aura comforted her and was a great help in settling those who were anxious with this whole process. He goes to great length to educate the participants about his history and how spirit connects.

Personally, he gave me a message from my mother, in her native language! It seemed impossible to me, but as he explained, he acts as a vessel and messages come through him.

There is no doubt that Jake has a gift, one that he shares with gentle compassion. His take-home message is clear, though. We are surrounded by our loved ones, we have nothing to fear and death is not an end.

- JoAnn -

Unbelievably Accurate!

I couldn't believe how Jake connected with the three people on the other side that I was thinking of, He was unbelievably accurate in every description of every person, He told me things that no one could have possibly known and still don't know as it was extremely personal between myself and a romantic relationship.

I am a "psychic and medium junkie" and have been all over the world having readings done. In complete honesty, Jake was, by a long shot, the best person who ever connected me with my 3 loved ones. I was so drained when I left his house that I left Lily Dale as I felt completely fulfilled in what I came here for.

I found the peace and love that I needed to have confirmed and I sure did, in total detail. DO NOT LEAVE LILY DALE WITHOUT GOING TO SEE JAKE if you want to connect with someone on the other side. He is simply amazing and also gentle and kind, as well. He has a good sense of humor, too.

Thanks, Jake. I hope you have the opportunity to help others connect as you did me. I know I will see you again. I already have plans of bringing my friends and I would be a fool NOT to come back to you.ity to help others connect as you did me. I know I will see you again. I already have plans of bringing my friends and I would be a fool NOT to come back to you. 

- Connie -

Something Remarkable!

When you experience something remarkable, you want to tell others about it.  I have received messages from spirit on a few occasions through other mediums but the session with Mr. Samoyedny stood out.  The messages from those who came through were astounding in their accuracy; particularly when he spoke of a young cousin who passed long ago and who had a highly unique name that Jake said correctly. I made sure to pass along the beautiful message to his wife. I was truly surprised and thought it was incredible.
Jake Samoyedny's manner is caring. He will put you at ease and he has a sense of humor. He will share knowledge and is compassionate.
Go for a reading.  Listen and be comforted.  Assess for yourself!

- Kathy -

Stuck Writing My Story

I really appreciate the effort you made on my behalf. What a gift you have! Of course, after listening to the CD, most of the names you mentioned made perfect sense. I was so focused on hearing from my father that when you connected with two close friends that died tragically, I just wasn't prepared for that.

I made the decision to come to Lily Dale and meet with you because I was stuck. I was writing my story but I couldn't find any information on my father who disappeared in 1958. I didn't know how but I was hoping that I would come home from Lily Dale with something that would motivate me to continue writing. 

I hadn't told you that I was writing a book but during our session, you said "You have some story. Have you considered writing it."  That was cool! That's motivation. You also had some great ideas on how to proceed. One being, just writes what I feel happened to my Dad. I'm doing that and it's working out better than I hoped. I feel like I'm getting to know him.

It was great meeting you.

Keep well, Jake. 

- Sid -

Share Your Testimony!

Jake would love to hear your experiences, as will the many others who have had similar experiences and those looking for connecting with their loved ones. So please share yours today!

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